Welcome to the Royal Aero Club Trust Website. Since being established in 1998, the Trust has developed very rapidly. At present its prime focus is improving the public accessibility of the Royal Aero Club Collection and increasing the availability of bursaries to help young people improve their flying skills.

The Trust's objectives include:

If you love air sport and recreation, there are a number of ways in which you could assist the trust in its tasks - these include Gift Aid Donations, Legacies and Covenants.
The Trust's 2018 Annual Report may be viewed by clicking here.

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Bursaries normally must be claimed, following successful award of target qualifications by the end of the year in which they are offered.

However, because of the current Pandemic Crisis, the trustees have decided to extend the offer of 2020 Bursaries to the end of 2021. 19 bursary winners in 2020 successfully applied to extend their bursary offers to the end of 2021. These include prospective coaches and instructors and those competing in national and international competitions - good luck all for a successful 2021!  

2021 Bursaries

27 bursaries were awarded in 2021. The list of winners can be accessed via the Bursaries Page or the following link:
2021 Bursary Winners. No applications were received from flight simulator pilots and balloon pilots. Available Bursaries included the Advanced Bursary for gifted young air sports persons up to 24 years of age who have received an initial bursary. Well done to all successful applicants.

The Trust is hugely grateful to sponsors such as The Patron, The Royal Aeronautical Society, The Peter Cruddas Foundation, Breitling, Dr. Brian Bramson, George Farha, John Downer, Andrew Brownsword, Friends of the Trust, the Crocker family, and Pooley Flight Equipment Ltd for their generous financial support of the Flying for Youth Scheme.

2022 Bursaries

Application forms 2022 bursaries will be available on this website from September 2021 and can be accessed via the Bursaries Page or the Quick Link opposite. The closing date for 2022 bursary applications will be 31 March 2022.

The Trust would be particularly pleased to receive applications from minority air sports, and sports that did not submit applications for 2021 bursaries such as balloon & flight simulator pilots, multi-rotary wing (ie drone) flyers and from disadvantaged applicants and from those whose air sport ambitions are thwarted for financial reasons

Frank Hedges Butler Albums.   All the albums have now been scanned and listed.

Royal Air Force Museum

The Trust’s collection of Royal Aero Club memorabilia is all housed at the RAF Museum.  The Museum, a long term supporter of the Trust, has been updated with new exhibits to celebrate the Centenary of the Royal Air Force and the place of Hendon in the history of British aviation.  The Trust has contributed a number of items to the exhibition.  Full details can be seen by following the link to the Museum on the Links page.

Chocks Away as Early Royal Aero Club Flying Records Launch Online

‘Royal Aero Club Aviators’ Certificates’ collection reveals the names and faces of Britain’s magnificent men (and women) and their flying machines

The Royal Aero Club Aviators’ Certificates, 1910-1950, now available online for the first time at leading social and family history website ancestry.co.uk, contains over 28,000 records and 13,000 photographs of men and women who qualified as pi lots in the golden age of British aviation, as powered flight went from science fiction to reality.

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Work of the Royal Aero Club Trust

The RAeCT has been undertaking the huge job of conserving the Royal Aero Club Archives. To find out more about this work have a look at the following pages:


Tom Clarke's review of The Hon. C.S Rolls Albums. This was published in the Jan/Feb 2007 issue of the Flying Lady.

The in-house magazine of the BBAC - The British Balloon & Airship Club, Aerostat published an article in their June 2007 issue about the RAeCT.

Aerostat article (please note this opens as a JPEG file)

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As part of its Flying for Youth Program (FfY) the Trust has a Bursary Scheme for young people between ages 14 and 21 (24 years for follow-on bursaries - see terms & conditions. This provides financial assistance for those wishing to upgrade their existing qualification in a wide range of air sports and aviation related activities.

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