Since being established in 1998 the Royal Aero Club Trust has developed very rapidly. At present its prime focus is fund raising and the preparation of grant applications in pursuit of its objectives. Those objectives include:

The Trust's main aim is to enable young people to achieve their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential through participation in air sports and recreation. It recognises that many young people cannot engage or experience the thrill of aviation and airsport due to social or financial exclusion, or perhaps a lack of contact or opportunity. The Trust, particularly through its Aviation Experience Programme, is working to give everyone access to airsport, particularly disadvantaged young people.

The Trust through its connection with The Royal Aero Club is concerned to maintain and enhance the presentation of nearly one hundred years of aviation history represented by artefacts, memorabilia and archive documents owned by the Club.

Much of this is stored at The Royal Air Force Museum Hendon. At present a funded intern is working full-time together with a part-time volunteer, under the supervision of the Trust and the Museum, to identify and catalogue the large amount of material in store. This will ultimately be made accessible to researchers and the public through selective exhibitions and databases. The preparatory work in progress will provide the foundation for grant applications enabling work to continue on a longer-term basis.

The image to the right displays the Rolls Trophy presented in 1908.

Research into Airsport

Working together with individual researchers and learned societies, as future resources permit, The Trust aims to promote research into air sport and to publish and disseminate useful results of such research by meetings, conferences and publications.

The image to the right is a front elevation of the Stampe SV-4C, first flight 1928.

The Royal Aero Club Trust
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